Unit 1 Woodcroft Farm  |  Water End Road  |  Potten End  |  Berkhamsted Hertfordshire UK  |  HP4 2SH

Protects against silverfish -
recommended spraying in March, June & Sept
No bad odour, invisible once dry
Safe to use with children and pets once dry
  • Always test a small area first.
    Keep children and pets out of room until product is dry.

    Shake bottle

    Turn nozzle to ON

    Lightly mist around kitchen units, under sinks, baths, bookcases, old stacks of newspapers, shelves,

    window & door frames,

    under skirting boards

    Leave to dry

  • Please click on the link below to download our Silverfish Killer Safety Data Sheet.

HSE Tested & Approved

Test a small, inconspicuous area first, for colour fastness

Available in a 500ml, 1lt trigger spray & 5lt Trade Pack.





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